Frequently asked questions

How can I apply for a visa if I live in another city?

If you live outside of Tallinn, you should use courier services. Courier company Cargobus has terminals at coach stations in most major cities of Estonia, and delivers documents in 24 hour time. A little longer documents are delivered by Eesti Post with a registered letter You can find more information here: Document delivery

Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards. We can offer the following payment options: either in cash or with a bank transfer.

Can my friend apply for a visa instead of me?

Yes. Please provide your friend with all the necessary documents, photos, and data necessary to complete the application form.

Can another person get my passport when my visa is ready?

Yes. But only if this person has a receipt and at the time of applying for a visa you have specified this person’s name and surname.


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